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Adobe completes Creative Suite 3

Adobe Premiere, After Effects and other digital design and editing software are now available within the CS3 packages.

Adobe is shipping the final two editions of its Creative Suite 3 today, rounding off the first updates to its digital design software since a merger with Macromedia less than two years ago. Both the Adobe CS3 Production Premium and Master Collection (more here) are available for purchase immediately online.

At $1,699, Production Premium CS3 includes upgrades of Premiere video editing and AfterEffects post-production software. In addition, the $2,499 Adobe Master Collection includes 17 applications that encompass the creation of film, video, audio, Web and mobile content. The Adobe CS3 applications run on Windows in addition to Intel-based and PowerPC-based Mac computers.

Adobe released on April 16 the Web and Design editions of CS3, which introduced new versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and other applications. One day earlier, Apple rolled out its $1,299 Final Cut Studio 2 (review here) film-editing applications for Macs.