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Adobe brings content controls to Flash video

Adobe Flash Media Rights Management Server will allow content producers to place restrictions on downloaded content and place ads on downloaded video.

Adobe Systems on Wednesday released a new server for putting restrictions on content delivered from its Adobe Flash Media Server.

Called Adobe Flash Media Rights Management Server, the software is aimed at TV and movie producers who want more fine-grained control over how users view videos.

A content producer could let a user view a video only after seeing an advertisement, for example. The software also allows people to serve up media that can be viewed for only a certain amount of time.

The company is also releasing application programming interfaces (APIs) for the server that will allow developers to write AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) media applications with digital rights management embedded in them, said Laurel Reitman, senior product manager for Flash media services.

AIR is the company's platform for running Web applications offline.

The Adobe Media Player, due in the spring, will incorporate the content rights management software, Reitman said.