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Adobe AIR launches on Linux

The cross-platform runtime has come to Linux, mostly intact, and full of the same power that makes it a winner on Windows and Mac.

Adobe announced today that Adobe AIR now runs on Linux. AIR is a cool cross-platform runtime that enables developers to create Rich Internet Applications that merge the desktop with the Web. Bringing it to Linux removes yet another roadblock to bringing disruptive applications to Linux.

This beta release of AIR for Linux isn't perfect--supported distributions only include Ubuntu 7.10, Fedora 8, OpenSuSE 10.3; and it lacks some other functionality--but it's a great, running start:

This Labs release of AIR has all features implemented for Linux, except support for DRM and badge installations. Major new features include support for system tray icons, keyboard shortcuts, localization, internationalized input (IME support), filetype registration, SWF and PDF in HTML, multi-monitor support, fullscreen mode, encrypted local storage, support for V4L2 cameras and printing.

Those interested can download AIR for Linux here. I've been using AIR applications for Twitter (Twhirl), word processing (Buzzword), and other uses, and love how it makes RIAs even richer by tying them in with desktop processing.

Give it a spin.