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Adidas app to print Instagram snaps on your shoes

Add a selfie to your sneakers or decorate your daps with a new app from Adidas that will print an Instagram snap on your new shoes.

Custom kicks from Adidas will soon be printed with Instagram snaps. Adidas

Usually getting your lunch on your shoes means you've had a mishap with the ketchup. But pictures from photo-sharing site Instagram, used by millions to photograph their food, will soon appear on shoes as Adidas reveals a new app to customise your kicks.

It doesn't have to be a photo of the wicked juicy burger you're about to scoff, of course: the new app can see you personalise a pair of Adidas ZX Flux training shoes with a print of any of your Instagram snaps on the upper. The app for selfie sneakers is coming to the iPhone and Android devices in August.

Adidas revealed the new app with a video on the adidasoriginals Instagram account.

You can already create tailor-made trainers by choosing colours to decorate your daps, with Adidas and Nike offering the option to personalise the colours of assorted shoes. We took advantage of that to create special shoes dedicated to our favourite technology companies -- click through the gallery above to see what Apple, Android or CNET sneakers might look.