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Adding a Google Map to your blog

Google is making it as easy as copy and paste to embed a map into a Web site, following in the tradition of embedded YouTube videos.

Google will be releasing a new feature next week that will enable people to easily embed a Google Map into their Web site or blog, just like you can do with a YouTube video. No coding or programming required; just copying and pasting a snippet of HTML, a Google spokeswoman says.

"To embed a Google Map, users will simply pull up the map they want to embed--it can be a location, a business, series of driving directions, or a My Map they have created--and then click 'Link to this page' and copy and paste the HTML into their Web site or blog," the spokeswoman said.

The map will be fully interactive, with the ability for users to drag and click or zoom in on a location. The maps will include satellite and hybrid modes.

I predict a Google Map on every blog.

The APC Mag blog first got the news from Google Australia.