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Add some consistency to your cookies

Adjustable rolling pin takes the guesswork out of making uniform crust and dough

MoMA Store

As rewarding as it is to make a pie crust from scratch, it's not an easy task. The first challenge is achieving the flaky texture pie crust is best known for, and in shooting for this flaky goal, many cooks sacrifice uniformity in thickness. Sure, the texture will end up nice, but having the texture in addition to a nice even thickness adds both to the visual presentation of the pie and the consistency in the texture across every piece.

If you haven't mastered this art freehand, don't fret: this Adjustable Rolling Pin available at the MoMA store makes easy work of rolling an even disc with a perfectly round diameter. It comes with a set of removable ends that are sized to control the thickness of your cookie dough or crust to 1/16 inch, 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, or 1/8 inch, and printed on the barrel are both metric and standard measurements for width.

The Adjustable Rolling Pin was designed by Damian Evans this year out of beechwood and polypropylene. It's available on the MoMA Store Web site for $20.