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Add-on battery pack extends PSP playtime for up to 15 hours

The Extended PSP Battery from Blue Raven Technology promises to extend PSP gameplay time to up to 15 hours.

Blue Raven PSP Extended Battery
15 more hours of playtime--but 5 more ounces of weight Blue Raven Technology

Need that next on-the-go gaming session to go all night? The new Extended PSP Battery from Blue Raven Technology may be your dream product. The snap-on, lithium-polymer, 4,500mAh battery pack aims to deliver as much as 15 hours of PSP playtime--a big step up from the 3 to 5 hours offered by the PSP's default battery. But the increased playtime comes at a cost: The Extended PSP Battery is about the same size and weight as the PSP itself (5 ounces for the battery vs. 6.2 for the PSP), and it costs a whopping $90. On the bright side, it uses the PSP's charger to juice up, so you won't have to lug another wall wart around.

We'll have a complete review in May, but the added weight--and weighty price tag--means this one is strictly for hardcore PSP devotees. That said, for anyone who's ever done one of those long-haul continent-hopping flights--New York to Dubai, San Francisco to Tokyo--having the option of tripling your in-flight time on Killzone: Liberation, SOCOM, or Metal Gear Solid certainly has its appeal.

Update: Blue Raven has followed up with a note that the MSRP for the Extended Battery is $100--although it can already be found online for under $75.

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