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Add free video clips to your eBay auctions with Vzaar

Add video listings to your eBay auctions quickly and easily with Vzaar.

While the Adobe AIR version of eBay is a wondrous experience on the eyes, regular auction pages tend to retain the same feel they've had since the late '90s. To spice them up there are a number of services, both software and Webware, several of which we've covered. Vzaar, which is based out of London, has been quietly serving up video for eBay listings since April of last year, and today is "relaunching" with a new coat of paint and some extra functionality. As luck would have it I have something on eBay this week, and had wanted to include a video to drive in some potential buyers. The good news is this product works flawlessly.

Vzaar acts just like any other Web video host and lets you upload videos from your digital camera in a couple of minutes. What's interesting is that any video that's been hosted on the service can be used on other auctions, meaning that your video of a pair of shoes, a computer, or iPod can be recycled by other users in their listings and promoted within the Vzaar community.

User-created videos on Vzaar can be played and embedded just like on YouTube (click to enlarge). CNET Networks

All you need to do to tack on a Vzaar video to a listing is give the service permission to access your eBay account just like you'd authorize any third party Flickr tool. This gives it read/write access, and the capability to attach whatever videos you find to listings you own. Adding a video I shot on my digital camera took just two clicks and showed up right underneath the item description with no need to mess with embed code or anything else.

Once a video has been uploaded you can keep track of how many views it's gotten both on eBay and Vzaar. There's also embed code to add it to your auction listing manually, or on your blog or personal Web site.

Vzaar offers three levels of service--a free one that lets you add up to 30 videos a month and two pro-level services that tack on more and larger videos that stay hosted on the service for up to a year, along with the option to add a single video to multiple listings. The premium services run at $10 and $20 a month respectively, and are aimed at eBay's PowerSellers.

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