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Add an LG Blu-ray player to your home theater for $50

Save 29% on this budget player that includes Netflix, YouTube and a selection of streaming audio services.


For a lot of people, Blu-ray's day has come and gone. It's not hard to see why -- streaming services have made the concept of inserting a plastic disc in a machine to watch Birds of Prey seem as archaic as my old 400-disc audio CD carousel (and if you're too young to remember such things, yes, they were real and I owned one). But there's value in having a Blu-ray player attached to your home theater. After all, the only way you can see supplemental material for your favorite movies is by buying the Blu-ray version. If you're looking for a really cheap way to add a Blu-Ray player, check out the LG BP175, which you can get for $50 from now through April 13.

The BP175 regularly costs $70, which means you're saving 29% on this model, which LG describes as a "Blu-ray player with streaming services." It doesn't have a wealth of streaming channels, but if you don't already have a Roku player or smart TV, the BP175 gives you the absolute essentials. The player can connect to Netflix, Vudu, Amazon Prime, Hulu and YouTube, along with Pandora and Spotify for music.

Don't look for 4K support for $50, though. The player pushes 1080p resolution to your TV, and upscales DVDs as well. It includes an Ethernet port (which you'll need to connect for streaming), one HDMI output and a remote control. 

What do you think -- is it worth having a Blu-ray player at all anymore? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. 

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