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Add a Govee LED light strip to your TV or monitor for as little as $9.59

Also on sale: Longer light strips that are also good for bedrooms, staircases, kitchen cabinets and more.

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For as little as $9.59, you can add super cool LED lighting to your TV, monitor, bedroom, kitchen or whatever.

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I'm new to the whole bias-lighting thing, because honestly I never saw the appeal. Dim colored light emanating from behind my TV while I watch? Why on earth would I want that?

Because, turns out, it's super cool. I recently installed an LED light strip behind a newly wall-mounted TV, and now I'm a total convert. That dim colored light makes my basement look and feel a lot more like a home theater. It's also good for reducing eye strain when you watch TV (or play video games) with the lights off.

Want to try it yourself? You can do so on the super cheap: For a limited time, and while supplies last, the Govee 6.6-foot LED light strip is just $9.59 with promo code 2K9VT3D4. That strip is long enough to provide bias lighting for TVs ranging from 40-60 inches, according to Govee. (If you have a TV that's larger than 50, I recommend the 16.4-foot strip, below, so you can run it all the way around.)

That strip includes a wired remote that controls power and LED color, though you can also pair it with your phone via Bluetooth and use Govee's app. The latter lets you choose from 16 million colors, adjust brightness, create scenes and so on.

If you want something longer and a little more versatile, you can get the Govee 16.4-foot LED light strip for $16.19 with promo code SAIB3TH6. In addition to the extra length, this strip adds Wi-Fi to the mix, meaning you can control the lighting via Alexa or Google Assistant. It also has a microphone that can sync the lighting to your music.

One more option: Go nuts and get a 32.8-foot light strip for $19.79 with promo code JEGHYU9G. That one is also app-controllable, but does not have Wi-Fi.

These LEDs are ridiculously easy to install: They're literally peel-and-stick. You just have to be a little strategic about placement so the end of the strip is reasonably close to an AC outlet.

Incidentally, I installed the 16.4-foot Wi-Fi strip on my TV. It works great and, as noted, I'm totally in love with bias lightning now. Not saying you'll feel the same, only that it's worth $10-$16 to find out.

Your thoughts?

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