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Opal Nugget Ice Maker gets an extra tank accessory

The Opal Side Tank will bring more water capacity to FirstBuild's nugget ice machine.

FirstBuild's Opal Side Tank will expand the Opal nugget ice maker's water capacity.


Many nugget-style ice fanatics jumped at the chance to own a $549 Opal ice machine. Now they have another tempting piece of hardware to consider, the $49 Opal Side Tank. This add-on accessory addresses one annoyance with the Opal: its need for frequent water refills.

The Opal lacks a way to connect it to a water line, something premium ice makers offer. The Opal's small 2.5-quart (2.4 L) reservoir further limits its water supply. So when demand for ice spikes, you'll find yourself ferrying water to the appliance often (every 3 hours or so).

To ease this bottleneck, the SideTank effectively doubles the Opal's current water capacity. According to FirstBuild, the designers of both the Opal and this accessory, the Side Tank contains enough water to make three binfuls of ice, effectively doubling the capacity of the main reservoir. 

Magnets in the Opal Side Tank secure it to either side of the Opal nugget Ice maker.


FirstBuild made the Side Tank to match the Opal ice maker closely, too, in both style and unique aesthetics. Slim and rectangular, the tank's stainless-steel-and-black trim complement the main Opal unit. Magnets in the Side Tank's base keep it attached to either side of the nugget ice machine.

The Opal Side Tank is removable and has its own tilt-in base.


A tube in back of the Side Tank is there to link the water supplies of both products. At the moment it's not exactly clear how this connector ties into the Opal. It's possible it uses the twin drain tubes on the Opal's back side. If so, perhaps you might even be able to daisy chain multiple Side Tanks to the ice maker. Still, nothing compares to the convenience of a true water line input. Maybe this upgrade will pave the way for that enhancement down the road.

FirstBuild Opal Side Tank at a glance

  • $49
  • Expected to ship in May 2019
  • Available now for preorder
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