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Add a remote to your Vista media center for $14.99

Woot Sellout has the Pinnacle Remote Kit for Vista Media Center on sale for $14.99. It normally costs twice as much.


Know how I'm always going on and on about TV tuners and Windows Media Center? One ingredient that's almost always missing from the equation is a remote. Enter the Pinnacle Remote Kit, which lets you operate Windows Media Center from afar (or from the couch, anyway). Woot Sellout has the remote on sale for $14.99 (plus $5 shipping), a decent savings over the $29.99 list price.

To use the kit, you need Windows Vista Premium or Ultimate. (Rumor has it there's a hack that'll allow it to work with the XP version of Media Center; try Google.) A TV tuner is optional, though definitely recommended if you want to make the most of Media Center. The IR transceiver, which plugs into a USB port, includes a suction cup so you can mount it in an out-of-the-way location.

As with all Woot deals, when this one's gone, it's gone--so don't wait if you're in the market for a remote to control all that hot Media Center action.