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Add a festive shape to cake

Prepare perfect single-serving cakes for the holidays with the holiday Baking Shapes. You'll be able to make tasty snowmen and trees easily.

The Baking Shapes King Arthur Flour

Going all out on baking for the holidays is a family tradition: we make cookies, cakes, and anything else we can think of, handing out treats to friends and family. Since I give them to a wide variety of people, I'm always looking for a way to make mine look their best. The Baking Shapes that King Arthur Flour is offering for the holiday season easily add a little something special to a plate full of holiday sweets. The set of four includes a pair of bells, a star, a snowman, and a tree. You can fill one with cake or muffin batter--much the same way that you make cupcakes, bake them, and turn them out.

The Baking Shapes each hold about a third of a cup of batter and turn out cakes ranging in size from 3.5 inches to 4.25 inches. Each of the four bakers is steel, with a nonstick coating. When you clean them, the Baking Shapes should be washed by hand. While the four shapes won't use up all the batter that most cake recipes will make, they can be combined with muffin tins to turn out several options you can easily serve for the holidays. The set of four Baking Shapes is priced at $14.99.