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Add 32GB to any mobile device with this 4-in-1 flash drive for $18

Plus, don't miss ThinkGeek's 31.4 percent off sitewide sale! And enter for a chance to win a Marvel-ous prize bundle.


Happy Pi Day, cheeps! Today's the day for cheap pies: baked, pizza and otherwise. I've rounded up all the best Pi Day deals for you. Om nom nom.

Today's also the day to buy whatever cool geeky thing you've been eyeballing at ThinkGeek, because the store is offering 31.4 percent off sitewide. I don't recall if it ran a similar sale last year, but that's a pretty exceptional offer.

Yesterday I shared a deal on an iPhone with just 32GB of storage. If you own a mobile device -- phone, tablet, Chromebook, whatever -- with similarly limited space, a flash drive can easily and inexpensively give you more breathing room.

Here's a particularly good deal on a particularly versatile one: For a limited time, and while supplies last, the Qarfee 32GB 4-in-1 flash drive is just $18.05 with promo code QY4OLABN. Regular price: $30.

That code also works with the 64GB and 128GB versions, dropping them to $25.99 and $38.99, respectively.

Flash drives are a dime a dozen, right? This one has a Lightning connector at one end and a USB/Micro-USB hybrid connector at the other. Qarfee also supplies a USB-C adapter, meaning the drive can work with pretty much any mobile device.

Just make sure you understand its limitations. If you're looking to expand the storage of an Android device, it must support USB-OTG. On the iOS side, you can't do things like install apps to the drive or use it to store DRM-protected media.

Rather, something like this is great for bringing along an MP3 collection or movie library that's too large to fit on your phone. You can also use it to offload photos and videos if they're taking up too much space. Needless to say, it's also good for everyday flash-drive functions as well, like transferring big files between PCs.

Flash drives are super cheap, no question, but one that includes a Lightning connector will usually run you at least $10-$15 more. 

Giveaway! There's a Marvel-ous prize package with your name on it. Get your entry (or entries) in before March 31.

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