Adaptec drivers; Alfred; IOXperts FireWire driver; Update Finder Front Window; more

Adaptec drivers; Alfred; IOXperts FireWire driver; Update Finder Front Window; more


Adaptec 29160/29160N 1.2.0 is an Ultra160 SCSI card driver. Improvements in this release include better support for removable media (including CD-ROM, CD-R/W and MO), more reliable mounting of hard drives and full compatibility with Dantz Retrospect and Media 100.

Adaptec 39160 1.2.0 is a SCSI card driver for the 39160 model with improvements similar to the above update.

Alfred 1.3 is a next-generation Extensions Manager (Library items and more). The new release adds an all-in-one interface by integrating an optional, contextual manager in the rules window.

IOXperts FireWire WebCam Driver 1.0.6b3 is a FireWire web cam driver. The new release has better synchronization with USB WebCam 1.0.

Update Finder Front Window 1.0 is an AppleScript to update Finder icons.

Export-Import Entourage X 1.2.3 transfers data between PIMs. The new release fixes a bug in Calendar Export from X introduced along with the recurring event exporting in v1.2

The Fontz X 3.4.3 is a font organizer and browser. In the latest release the viewer window now hides instead of closes except when quitting.

MobileSync SE 1.0.2 is a tool to sync Sony Ericsson phones with Entourage. The new release fixes two issues related to synchronizing long texts and certain characters.

iTerm 0.5.7 is a Cocoa-based terminal emulator. The latest release has more interface enhancement, especially the toolbar

MediaCapture 1.4 captures from any digital video device to many formats. You are now able to insert movies into another and add a starting transition in to your movies.

GrabbyWindow X 2.0.7 is a floating file browser for graphics pros. In the new version, making previews of some kind of PICT files now works as expected.

HP DesignJet 10ps/20ps updates is a set of printer drivers, RIP and firmware for the 10ps and 20ps printer models.

Canon PowerShot ImageBrowser 2.7 is a driver for their digital cameras. The new release adds native support for Mac OS X and EXIF Print support.

Lasso Professional 6.0.1 is a tool for building and serving data-driven web sites. The latest release fixes several issues.

File RoundUp X 2.1.7 is a cataloger, file management and software inventory tool. The 2.1.7 update fixed several bugs mostly related to the Copy function. It also adds greater support for working with OS X packages.

  • Adaptec 29160/29160N 1.2.0
  • Adaptec 39160 1.2.0
  • Alfred 1.3
  • IOXperts FireWire WebCam D...
  • Update Finder Front Window...
  • Export-Import Entourage X ...
  • The Fontz X 3.4.3
  • MobileSync SE 1.0.2
  • iTerm 0.5.7
  • MediaCapture 1.4
  • GrabbyWindow X 2.0.7
  • HP DesignJet 10ps/20ps upd...
  • Canon PowerShot ImageBrows...
  • Lasso Professional 6.0.1
  • File RoundUp X 2.1.7
  • More from Utilities Updates
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