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Adam Savage teams up with Peter Jackson and NASA for Savage Builds TV series

Former MythBusters co-host Adam Savage creates an Iron Man suit, a WWII weapon and more in Savage Builds on Science Channel on June 12.

Science Channel

Richard Browning lands in front of Adam Savage wearing his Gravity Jet Suit.

Science Channel

If you've been missing the science hijinks of MythBusters, the former host Adam Savage has returned to TV with a new maker series called Savage Builds.

The eight-episode Science Channel series features Savage making epic creations like a 3D-printed titanium suit of armor inspired by the Iron Man films and actually flies.

Each Savage Builds episode will focus on one project as Savage collaborates with experts, colleagues and friends who include filmmaker Peter Jackson, actor Gary Oldman, and former MythBusters cast member Tory Belleci, to name a few.

In the premiere episode, Savage calls on Richard Browning, the inventor and chief test pilot of the Gravity Jet Suit, which is powered by five 1,000-horsepower mini jet engines, to help get Savage's titanium Marvel Studios' Iron Man-inspired suit to actually fly.

In another episode, Savage will attempt to create a working version of one of history's most notorious engineering failures -- the British military's World War II rocket-propelled explosive weapon, the Great Panjandrum. NASA engineer Adam Steltzner is on hand to help Savage with the design.

Science Channel

Adam Savage sits in his Mad Max-inspired car on Savage Builds.

Reilly Savage/Science Channel

Roboticist Simone Giertz and maker Laura Kampf also help Savage build three Mad Max-inspired, post-apocalyptic monsters of destruction using only materials they can find from a metal scrapyard. 

Savage also forges his own version of King Arthur's legendary sword Excalibur -- using the iron from a meteorite; builds a multi-functional weapon inspired by the classic film The Fifth Element with help from actor Gary Oldman; and visits Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson to see his WWI fighter planes collection and perform a high-tech and high-flying aerial plane dogfight.

Savage Builds debuts on June 12 on Science Channel and later on Discovery.