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'AD' fans everywhere die and go to sitcom heaven

The signature gadget from

One of the most ridiculous props on the most ridiculously funny show ever is for sale.

That's right, the signature wheels of Gob (that's pronounced "Jobe," for all you "Arrested Development" newbies), the magic arts-dabbling son of the Bluth clan, are on the market.

Played (dare I say, expertly) by Will Arnett, Gob zipped around on a Segway, wreaking havoc on his fabulously dysfunctional family. Seeing as how the show was axed by Fox at the end of last season, it seems only natural that the Segway would eventually pop up on eBay. Kudos to Tech Digest for pointing to it.

As of this writing, the bidding was up to $2,550. Hey, that's a bargain for the perfect accessory for cruising up to your family's banana stand, visiting your father in prison or even doing a little chicken dance.

(Photo: VIP Auctions)