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Activision takes a smack at the music industry over Guitar Hero

The music labels are wrong to think they're the primary value in Guitar Hero and other games. The inverse is true.

Techdirt calls out a recent spat between Activision and Warner Music, in which Activision's CEO suggests that the music labels should be paying him to use their content, rather than the inverse.

Techdirt (rightly) supports this, arguing that "The content industry always seem to over estimate how much 'value' the content provides and almost totally ignore the value provided by anyone else in the value chain." Bingo.

My kids can't get into the car with me without having The Smiths, Radiohead, Neil Young, etc. blared at them, but I keep being surprised by the music they're discovering through Guitar Hero and Rock Band. It seems like their entire elementary school grades are rocking to Weezer et al. due to the influence of these games.

Maybe if the record labels would focus on unpaid adoption for a nanosecond they could spend decades reaping the profits.