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Action figures immortalized in artsy lamps

Do you yearn for some geek-gaudy home decor that truly shows off your affection for the nerdy? If so, these lamps should turn you on.

Pictured: "When Worlds Collide," a lamp starring an AT-ST from "Star Wars," a Transformer, Batman (riding a Batcycle), and some other Marvel phenoms. Evil Robot Designs

Take a look at this eccentric array of action figure lamps by U.K. firm Evil Robot Designs. They feature painted pint-size superstars from geeky films, video games, and comic books.

Each of the six lamps in the collection has an ear-catching name like Alien Nation and Forbidden Planet. It would take paragraphs to list all the characters integrated into the 2-foot fixtures, but some notables (not mentioned in the photo captions) include Mysterio; Green Goblin; evil xenomorphs from the "Alien" movie series; He-Man; Bunnygirl "Suzumiya Haruhi"; and many more.

There's no pricing information on the site, but "Dan Robotic" of Evil Robot Designs tells Crave interested buyers can snag these one-of-a-kind lamps directly from the creator for a whopping 735 pounds ($926) each plus shipping. Dan also mentioned (for those situated across the pond) that "we will shortly be putting our lamps in a big London department store."

The heroic light fixtures, available for custom order, sport a high-gloss lacquer finish in black, white, or red. What characters would you choose to light up your action figure lamp?

Left: "The Invasion," starring The Thing from Marvel's Fantastic Four, as well as Rio, Mr. Freeze, and others. Right: "Babes in Toyland" with Buzz Lightyear, Green Goblin, and more. Evil Robot Designs

(Via Freshome)