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Acronis offers backup server for Linux

Also: Software maker Linare reveals a version of the open-source OS designed for business desktop users.

Acronis, a maker of storage management products, on Tuesday launched a Linux-based restoration application and an update of its Windows-based server software.

The True Image Server for Linux and Windows is designed to let Linux and Windows users create backups of live servers. The Windows version can check the disk image integrity before a repair and the file system integrity after a restoration. The Linux offering can create a backup image of the server disk in the Linux operating system from either an X Window System graphical interface or a command line. The Linux product supports all major Linux software, Acronis said.

"Linux systems run a huge percentage of data center and Web servers worldwide, but backup options have been inadequate for those wanting a bare-metal restore, image-based solution," Acronis President Max Tsypliaev said in a statement.

Another company dealing in open-source products, Linare, announced that its Linux Professional Edition software will be available to business and government customers for $40 per license beginning this week.

Linare's version of the operating system is designed for desktops. It features version 2.6 of the Linux kernel, the KDE 3.2.2 graphical desktop environment, the productivity suite, and Novell's Evolution e-mail, calendar and contact management software. The professional edition includes one year of phone and e-mail support, Linare said.

The product launches coincide with the LinuxWorld trade show taking place in San Francisco this week.