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Acoustic Energy AE-29 Bluetooth Speaker coming to America

Britain's Acoustic Energy is bringing its AE-29 Bluetooth Speaker to the North American market.

Acoustic Energy AE-29 Bluetooth Speaker
Amazon U.K.

It's been awhile since we've seen anything from U.K. audio manufacturer Acoustic Energy here in the U.S., but the company is returning to the American market with a stereo Bluetooth speaker system. The AE-29 Bluetooth Speaker--already available overseas--is a three-part system, so the detachable speakers can be placed up to 3 feet away from the 20-watt amp for maximum stereo separation.

The AE-29 offers one-button pairing to any A2DP-compatible Bluetooth audio devices for wireless audio streaming from many cell phones and music players. Alas, that list doesn't include the iPod or iPhone, but you can either get a Bluetooth dongle or use the AE-29's line-in port instead. The Acoustic Energy will retail for $220 when it debuts in November (at which time we'll have a full hands-on review).

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