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Acer's H233H and H243H monitors: Cheap, but not 'cheap'

Acer's H233H and H243H go in front of CNET Labs' tribunal of the test patterns...and live.

The H243H: The rich person's H233H? Josh P. Miller

Color me surprised. Most times when I review a monitor that hits around the $200 range, I'm expecting disappointment, in the "well, at least I didn't pay that much for it" sense. I mean, sure, most monitors get the job done, and, technically, as long as it powers on and shows the correct image, the job is getting done. Still, I've learned to lower expectations for 23-inch or larger monitors that cost around $200.

Now, the Acer H233H and H243H probably aren't going to blow your minds, but for the price, they succeeded in impressing in performance and features.

One of the more impressive moves Acer made, which may sound trivial but isn't, was the decision to include cables for each of the available connections: VGA, DVI, and HDMI. We're hoping more vendors follow suit.

Now, one would expect these two monitors to be just different-sized versions of each other, and, for the most part, they are. However, there are a few subtle differences beyond the most obvious one: price ($209 for the 23-inch and $239 for the 24-incher).

The most glaring difference I noticed was in the Graphics preset. On the H243H, this preset heavily saturated the colors to the point that they constantly bled. It was especially noticeable in games when viewing text or icons.

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