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Acer's five new monitors are thin on exciting features, low on price

Acer announces five new thinly profiled LED-based monitors that, while low on price and easy on the eyes, aren't the most robust monitors out there.

I would call the Acer S235HL's "space-aged," but it's 2012. Aren't we living in the space age? In that case, calling the design contemporary is probably more appropriate. Acer

Acer unveiled five new monitors today aimed at those of you attracted to stylish, thin, LED-backlit displays. You know, pretty much everyone.

The announced monitors consist of the S200HL (20-inch); the S235HL, S230HL Abd, and S230HL Abii (all 23-inchers); and finally the 27-inch S271HL. Each of the larger models features resolutions of 1,920x1,080 pixels, while the S200HL has a native resolution of 1,600x900 pixels.

All models sport a 5ms response time, and while Acer doesn't explicitly say so, they all likely house twisted nematic (TN) panels, so don't expect wide viewing angles or incredibly accurate color reproduction.

As for their aforementioned thin profiles, not many actual specifics are known, but Acer does reveal that the S235HL is "just over half an inch thick," which if you're keeping score at home, puts it right into Samsung SyncMaster PX2370 territory but not anywhere near the LG Flatron E2290's incredible quarter-inch thickness.

Connection options aren't much to get too excited about. The Acer S235HL will sport one VGA and two HDMI ports. The Acer S200HL and S230HL Abd each support a single VGA and DVI port, while the S230HL Abii sports one VGA and two HDMI.

The 27-inch S271HL has a single DVI and HDMI port, as well as VESA support in case you want to be get all "contemporary" with it and mount the sucker on a wall.

The Acer S200HL Abd, Acer S230HL Abd, and Acer S230HL Abii are all available now at MSRPs of $139, $169, and $189, respectively. The Acer S235HL and S271HL will be available in April at respective prices of $219 and $329.

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