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Acer's 24-inch IPS monitor gets a release date of now

Acer's new IPS monitor, the B243PWL is out...right about now.

Acer's new IPS monitor. Acer

I don't get nearly enough press releases detailing the announcement of a new In-Plane Switching (IPS) monitor. All else being the same, IPS monitors are so much more satisfying and exciting to write about than their Twisted Nematic (TN) counterparts.

Much to my relative pleasure (IPS monitors are more exciting, but come on, they're still monitors), today Acer announced the release of its new IPS monitor, the Acer B243PWL.

The monitor is available now, starting at $329 and comes with Acer's standard three-year warranty.

The 24-inch monitor has a native screen resolution of 1,920x1,200 pixels, powered by an LED-backlight that, according to Acer, powers the screen to a maximum luminance of 300 candelas per square meter.

The monitor is fit with ergo options like 35 degree left and right swivel, 90 degree pivot, tilt, and height adjustment of 4 inches up or down.

Additional features include built-in speakers and a USB hub.

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