AcerCloud seeks favorable wind for ultrabooks

Chairman J.T. Wang wastes no time in talking up AcerCloud, a service the company helped create through its acquisition of iGware.

Acer Chairman J.T. Wang talks up cloud services. Josh Lowensohn/CNET

LAS VEGAS--Acer is banking that the cloud will give the company an edge when pushing its line of Ultrabooks.

Chairman J.T. Wang wasted no time talking up AcerCloud, a service that allows the company's customers to sync files between a Windows-based device and Android devices.

"We're determined to make it very successful and sustainable," Wang said.

In July, the company acquired a cloud-services provider called iGware for $325 million, to help it build AcerCloud.

Cloud services will play a big part in the ultrabooks, Wang said. He added that AcerCloud wouldn't have worked without its Always Connect technology. AcerCloud will get three apps to start: Photo, Media, and AcerCloud Docs.

It's unclear how Acer's proprietary file-sharing service will fare against services like Dropbox, which work independently of proprietary vendors. Other major technology companies, such as Apple and Amazon, have already invested heavily in cloud services.

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