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Acer: We'll pass Dell 'very soon'

Acer's president says it expects to overtake Dell as the No. 2 PC maker, and challenge No. 1 HP too.

Acer President Gianfranco Lanci is feeling confident these days. At a news conference in London Wednesday, he declared that his company is on the verge of overtaking Dell as the second-largest PC maker in the world.

Gianfranco Lanci Acer

"We don't expect revenue to decline this year, which is outstanding, compared to our competitors. Therefore, we're (expecting) good growth in 2010 again," Lanci said. "Between this quarter and the next, we can finally pass Dell."

Dell currently sits behind Hewlett-Packard, which has been the world leader in PCs with approximately 20 percent of all units sold worldwide, according to market research firm IDC. Dell has about 14 percent of all PCs shipped, and Acer 13 percent.

Dell's and Acer's momentum have been heading in opposite directions for some time now. Shortly after Dell was unseated as the worldwide leader in PCs by HP in late 2006, Acer began to stake its claim. The Taiwanese company began aggressively entering the U.S. and European markets by selling inexpensive notebooks, and in late 2007, bought U.S. PC maker Gateway, followed by Packard-Bell. Since then Dell has continued to struggle, and has been sidetracked by the task of reinventing itself and its company strategy when it comes to consumer PCs.

Acer has pushed cheaper Netbooks and notebooks, and quite quickly outgrown the rest of the competition. But it also has bigger prey than Dell on its mind.

Lanci added that, "I would expect not only to pass Dell very soon, but also to breach the gap with HP in terms of" notebooks, Netbooks, and smartphones.

We'll find out exactly how worried Dell and HP should be soon. IDC and Gartner, both firms that track the PC industry, are expected to release their latest market share totals for the third quarter Wednesday afternoon.