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Acer unveils 166-MHz Extensa

The company announces the TI Extensa 670 notebook, a midrange business system using a 166-MHz Pentium.

Acer America today announced its TI Extensa 670 notebook, a midrange business system based on Intel's 166-MHz Pentium.

The Acer systems carry the Texas Instruments brand name as a result of Acer's purchase of the notebook manufacturing and marketing arm of Texas Instruments in January. Acer also markets the TravelMate line of notebooks under the TI name.

The new systems, which range in price from $2,799 to $3,499, come with 16 or 32MB of memory, 256KB of high-speed cache memory, a 10X CD-ROM drive, and 1.6 or 2.1GB hard drives.

Acer last week announced price cuts on both its TravelMate and Extensa notebooks, based on Intel's 166-MHz Pentium MMX and 150-MHz Pentium processors respectively. Cuts on Acer's higher-education Extensa versions were also announced at that time.

Competition in the notebook arena has stepped up due to increasing demand and aggressive tactics by vendors hungry for more market share, Dell in particular.

The new Extensa 670 is available immediately through Acer distributors and corporate resellers.