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Acer to launch tablet at $299

The second-largest PC maker will start selling several tablet models from $299 to $699 starting November 23.

As it had strongly hinted the past few months, Acer is going to make its own line of tablets.

They will be introduced at an event in New York on November 23, Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci told Dow Jones Newswires today. Lanci did not elaborate on screen sizes, but revealed that the price of the models will range from $299 to $699. Neither did he say what operating system they would run, though Acer has said in the past it's working on putting Android onto tablets.

It's a safe bet at least one of the models will have a 7-inch screen. Lanci showed a prototype tablet of that size at an event in Beijing this past spring. The one he showed also had a physical keyboard similar to Amazon's Kindle.

As for how the price could start as low as $299, it's a safe bet they will be sold through wireless operators who will subsidize the cost for customers who sign up for a 3G service plan. In May, Lanci said carriers would be an "obvious" channel through which to sell the tablet.