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Acer swoops in with RAID

Acer America is offering new servers ready for RAID technology.

Acer America is offering new RAID-ready servers.

The AcerAltos 9000 RAID-ready server is designed for critical applications at small and medium-sized businesses and departments within larger corporations and can handle up to 150 users. Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) technology provides data redundancy and round-the-clock availability for servers.

The AcerAltos 9000 ships with a Mylex RAID controller card offers plug-and-play RAID capability right out of the box, the company said. The Altos 9000 RAID platform has an eight-bay swappable Disk Tray Management System design, which allows customers to easily replace a failed drive without having to bring down the server, Acer said.

The AcerAltos 9000 uses a 166-MHz Pentium processor and integrates three 4.3GB fast/wide 7200rpm SCSI-III hard drives configured optimally as one 8.6GB drive with a stripe size of 16KB, and a dual-channel Mylex RAID controller card. The Mylex controller card provides a double-burst I/O throughput from 20 mbps to 40 mbps.

The AcerAltos 9000, which is also capable of symmetric multiprocessing, is available for an estimated retail price of $9,600. Acer America plans to ship servers in a RAID-ready configuration using the high-performance, three-channel Mylex controller card in mid-September.