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Acer smartphone available for preorder

The first smartphone from the PC maker not yet formally introduced pops up on the Web site of a U.K. retailer.

Acer smartphone DX900
The Acer DX900 is now available for preorder on Clove's Web site. Clove Technology

Acer isn't yet an official entrant into the smartphone market and already it's having the same problems keeping secrets as established players Apple and Palm.

On Wednesday, a smartphone called the Acer DX900 popped up for preorder on the Web site of Clove Technology, a retailer based in the U.K.

It appears to be the same device as the E-Ten Glofiish DX900--same features, same look, just a different brand name--which makes sense since Acer bought E-Ten last year. It's being offered for the equivalent of $570 (unlocked, we presume).

Acer plans a high-profile introduction of several handsets at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in less than two weeks. Specs-wise, the DX900 is a fairly run-of-the-mill smartphone, which leaves room for something far more impressive to be revealed on February 16.

Earlier Wednesday, the Boy Genius Report blog posted what it claims to be a leaked photo of another Acer smartphone with a swivel keyboard.