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Acer Predator stalks the U.S. later this year

Release date info on Acer Predator gaming PC

The many faces of Acer's Predator gaming PC. CNET UK

If you're anxious to get your hands on that crazy-looking Acer Predator gaming PC, Acer informs us that U.S. customers still have time to save up. It won't be available here until mid-third quarter (aka "around August").

Can't wait? You can always head to the U.K. if you want it sooner. Our CNET UK compatriots report that they'll get it next month. CNET UK's Rory Reid also outlines three different tiers for the Predator, and he has pricing, at least converted to pounds from Euros. Using Rory's numbers to convert from Euros to American dollars, the prices look thusly:

  • Predator Sniper - $2,670
  • Predator Trooper - $3,140
  • Predator Crusher - $4,710

Prices and product names, and even the specs listed on the Predator Web site may change by the time it arrives in the States. Assuming those numbers more or less hold, the Predator seems to fit squarely in what's become the semimainstream $2,000-$5,000 arena for gaming PCs. That's not quite high-end enough to really compete against the likes of Falcon Northwest and Voodoo PC when those boutique shops really start showing off, but it places the Predator squarely against the Dell XPS 730 and the HP Blackbird 002.