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Acer Predator desktops recalled for overheating problem

Just over 200 units sold between May and December of last year are part of the PC maker's voluntary recall.


Two owners of Acer Predator gaming PCs reported recently that the desktops got so hot the external casing melted. Accordingly, Acer issued a voluntary recall Thursday.

The recall affects approximately 215 Predator desktops sold by Acer between May and December 2008, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

There have been at least two reported incidents of the PCs short-circuiting, causing both internal components and the exterior casing to melt. Fortunately, there were no injuries as a result, according to Acer.

Acer says the problem is caused by the insulation on the PCs' internal wiring, which can "become bent or stripped," leading the wires to overheat.

Anyone who bought one of these Predators during the period listed above can call Acer for a free repair. See the CPSC Web site for more details.