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Acer not abandoning Netbooks in favor of tablets...yet

Despite a tablet-heavy CES, Acer's not ready to throw in the towel on the itty-bitty Atom Netbook.

Acer's tablets and Netbooks will live together, side by side.
Side by side, in perfect harmony...? Acer

Acer wants you to know that it hasn't given up on Netbooks. At least, not yet.

Despite recent rumors to the contrary, and a CES 2011 chock-full of tablets, Acer sent out a press release today specifically confirming that the company won't be leaving the Netbook business.

According to the press release:

Mobility, which has always been part of Acer's DNA, finds a new form of expression in the range of tablets on offer, which feature various display sizes and models designed to fit different kinds of usage scenarios. Acer recognizes that the computer market is changing. As PCs are no longer only used to create content but are more and more becoming consumption tools, new devices and new form factors are appearing.

This means the range of devices available to users is getting wider and tablets are just another piece of the mosaic. Therefore, they will find their space next to Netbooks and notebooks.

Acer's press release also points out the range of options includes a 7- and 10.1-inch Android tablet, as well as a 10-inch Windows tablet. As we remarked last year, Acer's wide range of tablet offerings suggests that bets are being hedged as to where future ultraportable computing will head. That's no different than other companies, really: Asus' CES 2011 press conference featured a spectrum of tablet hybrids, and even Apple offers a choice of iPad or 11-inch MacBook Air for on-the-go alternatives.

So, rest easy, Atom Netbook lovers: seems like the venerable, affordable keyboarded 10-incher is still here, for now. The only question is, how long will it stay?