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Acer Liquid S2 and an Android desktop among Acer's IFA tech

Acer has lifted the lid on a host of new tech, including a smartphone that shoots in 4K.

Acer is shouting to the world about a host of new gadgets, including the Liquid S2, a smartphone that shoots in a 4K resolution.

The 6-inch, 1080p Liquid S2 has a 13-megapixel snapper and a 2.2GHz Qualcomm processor, which Acer boasts will equip the phone with the power to shoot video in a massively high resolution. A huge quantity of pixels is one thing, but when we go hands-on we'll be interested to see whether the actual quality of the video is any good.

Elsewhere, Acer's Aspire R7 laptop has been given a revamp, adding fourth-generation Intel processors and a new Active Pen stylus, which works in the notebook's "Ezel" mode, ideal for doodling. Not too shabby.

There are desktops in the offing, too. The new 24-inch DA421HL (snappy name, eh?) will be the first of Acer's Aio desktops to run Android, coming with 4.2 Jelly Bean and a Tegra 3 processor.

If an Android desktop isn't your thing, Acer has also lifted the lid on the Aspire U5-610, the Z3-105, and the Z3-610, all of which have 23-inch touch-screen displays.

Finally there's a new monitor, the 27-inch T272HUL, which packs a stonking 2,560x1,440 pixels and -- you guessed it -- touch-screen tech. Just watch out for fingerprints.

Are you intrigued by anything Acer has on offer? Or are you holding out for Samsung, Sony, and rest to show off their own wares? Let me know in the comments.