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Acer Liquid Leap+ fitness tracker now available in US

Starting at $100, the colorful Liquid Leap+ activity band makes its US debut.

Acer is launching its first wearable for the US with its second Leap. Sarah Tew/CNET

Equipped with a 0.94-inch touchscreen and interchangeable bands, the Acer Liquid Leap+ fitness tracker is available for US customers today. Though it originally retails for $99.99, a special deal is currently going on that lowers its price to $79.99.

The Leap+ is a competitively priced device, and marks the Taiwanese company's first health band for the US. Globally, however, it is Acer's second wearable following the inaugural Leap .

The water resistant tracker works for iOS, Android and Windows devices using Acer's health app. It can count your steps, track your runs, keep notes on your burned calories throughout the day and log the number of hours you sleep.

It also syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, enabling you to control your music and receive notifications for incoming calls, texts and emails.

The band's battery promises five days of continuous usage or 10 days of standby. It also comes with three color options: black, pink and green. For more about the Liquid Leap+, check out our hands-on from Barcelona's MWC 2015 conference earlier this year.