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Acer has no plans for 4G Intel smartphone

The Taiwanese company will be launching a 4G handset in Taiwan in the next quarter, but will be using chips from MediaTek and Qualcomm instead.

Acer Liquid E3
The Acer Liquid E3 has been launched in Taiwan. Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Despite Acer's partnership with chipmaker Intel for its Liquid smartphones for emerging markets in Asia, the Taiwanese company does not have plans to use Intel chips for its upcoming 4G handsets.

Instead, it will stick to using Qualcomm and MediaTek processors for its upcoming 4G smartphones that are due in the next quarter, when Taiwan rolls out its LTE network.

Acer also declined to reveal details on why the company has not chosen to further its partnership with the chip giant. Meanwhile, Asus has chosen to launch its range of Intel-powered smartphones, the ZenFone series, in Asia.

Intel's upcoming Merrifield Atom chip will support LTE, but this is using a separate LTE radio instead of being integrated into a single package like Qualcomm's offerings.

An integrated solution is not expected until the end of 2014, which could also be the reason why Acer is choosing to use other chipsets for now.

(Via Taipei Times)