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Acer extends Extensas

Acer continues to add to its line of notebooks acquired earlier this year from Texas Instruments by adding a new Extensa model with a 150-MHz Pentium.

Acer continues to rapidly add to its line of notebooks, acquired earlier this year from Texas Instruments, by adding a new Extensa model today with a 150-MHz Intel Pentium processor.

TI had just added the Extensa 660 at the top end of the model line in February, and Acer recently cut prices on a number of TI-branded notebooks.

Acer, which already manufactured the Extensa line of notebooks for TI before buying its notebook operations, has indicated that it will continue marketing the Extensa and TravelMate notebooks under the Texas Instruments brand, though Acer may consider changing the names later this year.

The Extensa 610 comes with a 150-MHz Pentium, 1.4GB hard disk, a 10X CD-ROM drive, and a 11.3-inch dual-scan or active-matrix display. The notebook supports CardBus technology and Zoomed Video for improved graphics performance. Both CardBus and Zoomed Video are 32-bit data path technologies that offer increased performance over previous 16-bit technology.

The Extensa 610CD with dual-scan display will be available for an estimated street price of $1,999; the 610CDT with an active-matrix display has an estimated street price of $2,599. Both models are expected to be available this month.