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Acer Aspire Timeline 4810T-353 and 5810T on UK pre-order: About time

The Acer Aspire Timeline 5810T and 4810T-353 have arrived on our fair shores, offering a slimline chassis and lap-cooling system for pre-order

We've seen laptops that look good, pack a punch or sustain respectable battery life. It's rare, however, to get all three in one chassis, which is why we're talking about two Acer Aspire Timeline media laptops.

The 14-inch 4810T-353 crams in 3GB memory and a 250GB hard drive. There's also a 15.6-inch model, the 5810T, which boasts 4GB memory and 500GB storage. Acer claims you'll get up to 8 hours of battery life from the hard-drive models. A 13-inch model with 64GB solid-state memory was originally touted, but as yet isn't available through the retailer.

Both versions pack an Intel Core 2 Solo processor, the small model clocked at 1GHz and the larger model at 1.4GHz, which should just about cope with Windows Vista Home Premium. Other features they both share include an HDMI connection, a webcam and 1,366x768-pixel, HD resolution screens, making them perfect for watching movies.

The Timelines are thinner than an MP's next expense claim, measuring just 24mm at the thickest point. Even if all this is getting you hot under the collar, you won't be getting hot under the belt loops, thanks to the lap-cooling new Laminar Wall Jet technology.

The Timelines can be yours with the 14-inch priced at £550, and the 15.6-inch at £600, available now for pre-order at PC World.