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Acer Aspire 9500: VoIP-phone laptop

Laptops are all looking very samey these days, but Acer has upped the ante by including a wireless VoIP handset with select products in its Aspire range

Here at Crave, we get to play with an almost unfeasible number of laptops, so it's getting ever-more difficult to tell the difference between new arrivals. Often, we simply resort to calling them 'the small silver one' or 'the black one that needs its own trolley', instead of their full and often mysterious model names.

One laptop we've not had such trouble with is the beautiful-looking Acer Aspire 9504. Its name is easy to remember, for a start, but it also stands out thanks to its inclusion of Acer's ingenious wireless VoIP handset.

We eagerly removed this funky little tool from the laptop's PC Card slot, fired up our copy of Skype, and within just a few moments we were talking to our mate Rupert on the other side of the building. For free. Now that's technology at its best.

The Aspire 9500 isn't one of these new-fangled laptops that use the latest Core Duo CPU (it uses previous-generation Centrino), but it's got a fast 2GHz Pentium M CPU, 1GB of RAM and a fairly nippy Radeon X700 graphics card.

You can get one for around £900. Expect a full review soon. -RR