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ACDSee Gift Pack for those about to photo manage!

Get a "bonus copy" of ACDSee Photo Manager 2009 when you buy one for yourself.


This morning I offloaded nearly 1,000 images from my camera's SD card. As I watched the photos tick off one by one, I had a feeling I had already put most of them on my computer, but since I am hopelessly unorganized I'll now have to go through them all to make sure I don't have doubles taking up valuable storage space.

If you have similar issues and/or know someone else who does, too, you might be interested in this holiday deal from ACDSee. From now until December 1, the company is offering up its Photo Manager 2009 software for $59.99 and including a bonus gift copy to give to another hopelessly unorganized individual. The total price comes to $68.94 after shipping.

The list of features is exhaustive for average point-and-shoot photographers--from helping you print and back up photos to an import tool that organizes images as they come off a card or camera to letting you view a long list of file types. And despite the confusing picture on the right, the interface is straightforward.

If your pictures are piling up and you can't find anything and know someone else in the same shape, this might be a good way to go. Plus, it's free to try if you want to test it out before you buy it.