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According to Novell ads, Linux is a cute girl who needs a haircut

Novell parodies Apple's commercials.

Novell has made a series of ads parodying the iconic (can we call them "iconic" now?) "I'm a Mac" commercials. Like Apple's ads, they feature a dweeby PC and a "cool kid" Mac, although Novell's Mac looks less like a 2007-era hipster and more like a Freddie Prinze, Jr.-ish jock from a late '90s teen movie. (I mean, a Mac would at least be more inclined to resemble a slightly edgier character played by Ethan Embry.)

Then there's Novell's addition, Linux. In an obvious pander to male geeks, Linux is female, and she's cute. Unfortunately, her style of dress is a tad boring, she looks a little bit shy, and she could use a haircut to get rid of those overgrown bangs. But I suppose your average basement programmer won't care. Dude, Linux is like a whole new species!

Here at Crave, we love to deconstruct the "I'm a Mac" ads. See also the 1996 vintage, the Japanese version, and Candace's observation that it's a bit erroneous for the British ads to have a PC who looks like Al Gore.

P.S.: With regard to PC/Mac/Linux comparisons, I still prefer this graphic that somebody made: