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Accessorize with a vegetable garden

Japanese "Green Capsule" lets plant lovers grow sprouts to transplant into gardens.

Portable miniature garden - the Green Capsule
Masaki Envec

Growing a vegetable garden is hard work, but for on-the-go gardeners, the "Green Capsule" makes it easy to tote greenery around, one sprout at a time.

Created by Masaki Engineering & Consulting in Japan, the traveling miniature garden can become a necklace, earring, cell phone charm, or bag accessory.

The kit comes with seeds for peppers, cabbage, sweet basil, and cherry tomatoes, plus soil to start the portable garden.

Once the sprout grows big enough, it can be transplanted into a pot or garden bed. It's hard to say whether the little plant can hold up while dangling and bouncing, but green thumbs can try it out for the equivalent of about $17.50.

(Via PopGadget)