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Accessories for the iPhone 3G

A slew of accessories for your iPhone 3G

The portable speaker for the iPhone can be folded up into a compact "ball" that's very easy to transport. Dong Ngo/CNET Networks

Now that you've gotten your iPhone 3G, it's time to get some accessories for it.

Digital Life Outfiter (DLO) didn't wait for long and has just come out with a slew of stuff that you can use to protect, carry, and enhance your iPhone 3G. Most of them work with the original iPhone and the iPod Touch, too.

To keep your iPhone from scratching or bumped around if dropped, you can choose either the HybridShell ($24.99) that's bulky yet stylish, or the VideoShell ($19.99), which is clear and sturdy. Of course, you can get other old-school outfits like the Jam Jacket ($19.99) or the HipCase ($29.99).

Personally, I prefer the Action Jacket ($29.99) for iPhone, which works well for when you go jogging, which is probably the only time I would want to use a case for a smartphone/music player.

DLO also has the Portable Speakersthat instantly turns your iPhone into a mini boom box, which works well for a small room or when you are on the go. The speakers can be folded up into an "egg" that's a compact 6 inches in diameter. It's rather expensive, though, at $49.99.