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Acadalus tripod head levels itself

The Acadalus CPS-H1 is a rugged self-leveling camera head to help you out if you're shooting on an uneven surface. But it doesn't come cheap.

Leica S2 on the Acadalus
A Leica S2 on the Acadalus tripod head. PDN Gear Guide

It's always advisable to use a tripod when shooting landscapes because it helps keep the horizon level. However, if you're snapping on an uneven surface, you'll have to level the tripod head with the equipped bubble level, which can be quite a tedious task, especially when handling a bulky camera.

This is where the Acadalus CPS-H1 self-leveling camera head comes in handy.

The Acadalus mount has a built-in digital inclinometer, which detects how steep the camera's tilt is. At the press of a press of a button, the stepper motor (used in flight simulators) will automatically level the tripod head with the horizon.

This piece of technology doesn't come cheap, however. Priced at $5,000, that's even more expensive than a high-end dSLR or any tripod head on the market now. Personally, I'd stick to the bubble level and correct any tilted pictures using Photoshop instead.

(Source: Crave Asia via PDN Gear Guide)