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Abode adds IFTTT-style automations to its home security app

Abode's app update makes it possible to personalize your smart home devices to work with the security system.

Abode adds customizable automations to its app.


Home security company Abode on Tuesday updated its app to offer customizable automations through a new software platform it calls CUE, or custom engine.

CUE works similarly to the smart home service IFTTT. With IFTTT, you can set up integrations like, "If my security camera detects motion, then turn on my smart lights." 

The same goes for the Abode app. You can set automations like, "If my front door opens, then turn on a light."

But CUE also adds in conditions, so the automation could instead be: "If my front door opens, then turn on a light -- if it's dark outside." 

CUE also supports grouped automations, allowing you to turn on a light and lock a door with a single automation. 

The Abode security system is Z-Wave- and Zigbee-enabled. It works with lights, locks and select other smart devices. It also responds to Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands. 

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