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ABC News, AtomFilms offer PSP video

Sony portable device gets custom-tailored news clips and short movies from two mainstream outlets.

In a one-two punch for PSP owners, ABC News and AtomFilms have both said they will offer free downloadable video content for Sony's new handheld.

ABC News will soon offer video snippets on its Web site that can be downloaded and viewed on demand, similar to podcasted content popular with bloggers and owners of MP3 players. There is no word yet on exactly when ABC News will make its content available.

Reportedly, the first ABC News program to be formatted for PSP owners will be network technology show "Ahead of the Curve."

Meanwhile, AtomFilms opened its new Mobile Movie Theater today by offering three films for download: "Football," "In God We Trust" and "Rockfish." The latter is a computer-generated short film about a futuristic fisherman who chases giant underground worms with a massive all-terrain vehicle and a laser drill.

PSP owners looking to tantalize their eyeballs with these new types of entertainment will likely need to invest in some larger Memory Sticks; AtomFilms' offerings will push the PSP's included 32MB Memory Stick to its limit with the 31MB "Rockfish."

While Americans will be watching these new offerings through their Memory Sticks, Japanese PSP owners will soon be getting more Universal Media Disc-based videos. Both Sony and Bandai America made UMD movie-related announcements in April.