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ABC iview now on Fetch TV

ABC's catch-up TV app has now been integrated into the Fetch IPTV service.

ABC's award-winning iview catch-up TV service is now available for Fetch TV customers.

(Credit: Fetch TV)

ABC iview has been integrated into the Fetch TV main menu, "providing users with ready access to the entire suite of iview content on their TV", according to the press release.

The iview service, available in app form on an array of mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs and other connected entertainment devices, has proven to be popular among Australians.

In April, iview set a new record total monthly program plays, with 15.4 million registered across all platforms and devices.

In a media statement Scott Lorson, CEO of Fetch TV, said:

Iview has proven to be a phenomenally popular service. We are delighted to offer Fetch TV subscribers the iview experience, on the big screen, in the comfort of their living rooms.