Senate approves $1.9 trillion stimulus bill Apple's iMac Pro to be discontinued Coming 2 America review Tom Cruise deepfakes Best Buy's 3-day sale Raya and the Last Dragon makes watching TV at work better has a new HD video player online.

Lost: looking good online. 2007 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Among the networks, has been one of the most aggressive in terms of streaming full versions of its shows online after they've aired on TV. During those quieter moments at work--some call them smoking breaks without the smoking--you can watch episodes of Lost, Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, and more, right on your computer screen. Until a few days ago, however, the picture was rather small. Now has launched a new full-screen "HD-quality" video player, and the "broadcast" looks shockingly good.

Meanwhile, NBC also has spruced up its online video player, and it, too, has added a full-screen option. The big difference is that NBC's video player uses Adobe's Flash Video, while ABC's is built on technology from upstart Move Networks.

During a "break," CNET editors John Falcone and Matthew Moskovciak huddled around my 19-inch Sony monitor in my office for a quick look at a recent Lost episode and were duly impressed. The picture may not quite measure up to true hi-def, but step a few feet back, and you're looking at a very detailed, sharp image. It's the kind of moment that makes you think that someday you'll be able to ditch your cable or satellite provider and get your content from cheaper sources that also happen to be legal. What a concept.

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