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ABC app brings back old shows to dip into the streaming game

The revamped app will feature seven original shows and 38 "throwback" titles.


"Ugly Betty," here we come.

ABC via Getty Images

Have you ever wanted to binge-watch every episode of ABC's "Felicity," "My So-Called Life" or "Ugly Betty"? Well, here's your chance.

ABC's adding dozens of old and new, original shows to its iOS and Android apps to tap into the popularity of streaming media. The originals will feature the network's existing talent such as "Modern Family's" Ty Burrell. ABC has seven original shows to start and has plans for 40 more.

The 38 "throwbacks" that will launch in addition to the originals include "Brothers and Sisters," "School House Rock," "Trophy Wife," "Commander in Chief," "I Survived a Japanese Game Show" and "Sports Night."

The originals and old shows will be free on ABC's website and mobile apps. The new content rounds out an app that enables live-streaming of the channel if you have a participating cable subscription. The app also has a new look on iOS and Apple TV.