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Aaron Sorkin reportedly being courted for Jobs biopic

The "West Wing" creator and "The Social Network" screenplay writer is said to be eyeing work on a film adaptation of Walter Isaacson's authorized biography of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Noah Wyle starred as Steve Jobs (left) and Anthony Michael Hall as Bill Gates in the 1999 film "Pirates of Silicon Valley."
Noah Wyle starred as Steve Jobs (left) and Anthony Michael Hall as Bill Gates in the 1999 film "Pirates of Silicon Valley." Turner Network Television, via

The yet-to-be-announced film based on Walter Isaacson's authorized biography of Steve Jobs could be penned by the writer of the Oscar-winning film "The Social Network," a new report says.

Citing "a person who was briefed on the project," the Los Angeles Times reports that Aaron Sorkin, creator of the long-running TV series "The West Wing" and screenplay writer of last year's "The Social Network," is "being courted by producers to pen [Jobs'] story." The outlet says Sorkin hasn't signed on but is "considering" it, according to another unnamed source.

The film, which is reportedly being sought after as part of a rights deal by Sony Pictures, would likely include some of the many details in Isaacson's book, which hit shelves yesterday. The title chronicles Jobs' life from beginning to end, and it is composed of some 40 interviews Isaacson had with Jobs, along with his friends, competitors, and colleagues. An Amazon representative yesterday told Reuters that the book is already on its way to becoming the company's top-selling title of 2011.

Sorkin famously penned "The Social Network" from Ben Mezrich's book "The Accidental Billionaires," which chronicled the founding and rise of Facebook. The film went on to win critical acclaim, though it failed to pick up an Oscar for Best Picture at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, after being nominated. It did, however, win three Academy Awards, including one for Best Screenplay Adaptation, which went to Sorkin.

If a deal is struck, and the film goes on to be made, it would be the first big screen adaptation of Apple and Jobs' rise and personal life. A small-screen version chronicling Apple and Microsoft's early days and subsequent growth aired on TNT in 1999. Called "Pirates of Silicon Valley," the TV movie featured "E.R." star Noah Wyle as Jobs and Anthony Michael Hall as Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Of course, a lot has happened since 1999, including Apple venturing into MP3 players, phones, tablets, and numerous digital goods.

Sony and Sorkin's representative declined to comment to the LA Times on whether Sorkin was eyeing the project.